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Adaware has been around for several years and has rid the world of more spyware and adware than all of the other newer anti-spyware programs combined. The Standard edition of Adaware remains FREE and provides an excellent integrated help system. If you feel like you need more exterminator power, you can purchase Ad-aware Pro starting at $26.95, with different pricing for home and office use.

-- NEW --
Free PDF eBook - Download the free 34 page Spyware Removal Tricks and Advice eBook now.

After downloading Adaware's 1.61 MB install file, installation and setup are a breeze. Adaware Standard Edition now starts with a handy status screen that displays objects removed, total number of scans, objects in quarantine, and objects to ignore. The most obvious features of the application include:

  • Interface that is easy to use
  • Better control over scanned directories
  • Safety features to allow file restoration
  • Quick and efficient removal of most adware
  • Available online support forum
  • E-mail for technical support

Download Adaware: Download Site1 | Download Site2

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