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Computer security - a first and easy step to preventing spyware on your computer. Tweaking the apps you use can make a difference. Also, consider using applications that are not targeted by hackers. If you are uncomfortable following the steps below, please consult a computer professional.

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Disable ActiveX in Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer users are a prime target. Either switch to another browser, or turn off ActiveX. ActiveX allows Internet spies to take control of your computer.

Go to the Start menu and choose Settings, then Control Panel. On the Control Panel, select Internet Options. Click the Security tab on the Internet Properties window, then click the [Custom Level] button. Select DISABLE for the first five options in the Security window.

Disable HTML in Outlook
If you are using Outlook as your e-mail client, either start using another client, or protect yourself by disabling HTML email. Outlook is the most highly targeted software for spreading worms and most types of virus.

Internet spies often make use of HTML e-mails to distribute files. You will need to disable the HTML option to display messages only in plain text.

Open your Outlook program. Go to the Tools menu and choose Options. Click the Read tab on the Options window. Put a checkmark in the “Read all e-mail in plain text” box. For added protection, you may want to uncheck the “Automatically download message when viewing in the Preview Pane” box. This will help you control the items downloaded to your computer without your knowledge.

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