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The first step in protecting your computer against spyware is to read the end-user license agreement (EULA) thoroughly before installing any software.

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We know, scrolling past the legal jargon and clicking on the [I Accept] button is what most any user normally does. But descriptions of the way the application collects data are often buried there, so take the time to read the EULA thoroughly and see what data the application collects and how it uses it.

Many programs get you on a "free" hook, only to piggyback spyware on their software. That is how they are able to make up for offering something for free. They collect data on your internet habits or bombard you with ads. This is huge part of the spyware problem, as most people don't pay attention to the "free" software they install.

If you don't read what you are agreeing to, you have no idea what spyware or adware may be included in the application you are installing.

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