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The term adware refers to software that is downloaded from the Internet which the distributor uses to display advertisements on your computer. These ads could display as banners or targeted links. The ads are intended to generate revenue for the companies advertised – who have paid for the exposure in your home or office.

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Like scumware, adware can also transmit your surfing habits back to a host server. The host server then sends you ads based on the sites you’ve visited.

Programs that contain adware often require that you click on an ACCEPT button before the program can be downloaded to your computer. Clicking on ACCEPT usually means that you’ve read and agreed to the terms of the End User License Agreement (including the adware) – which makes the transmission of your surfing habits perfectly legal.

The problem with this, is most of us don't take the time to read the EULA. Do you remember ever clicking "I agree" without reading what you were agreeing to? If we want to be sure our computers are adware free, we need to learn to read the EULA when installing any software. Otherwise, the blame may fall on ourselves.

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