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Trojan Horse
A trojan horse is one of the most hostile types of malware you may encounter online. It is particularly hostile because it can be downloaded onto your computer without your awareness and used against you in very aggressive ways. Because they do not call attention to themselves by spreading from your computer (like computer viruses), trojans can remain hidden and allow someone to control your computer for long periods of time. Because they are hard to find, trojans cannot be removed easily.

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Homepage Hijacker
Ever been redirected to a home page that was completely foreign to you? If so, you are probably infected with what is called a homepage hijacker. Because a hijacker can be downloaded to your computer without your knowledge and take control of your homepage settings, it is considered by many to be a type of trojan horse. Typically, a hijacker will redirect your computer to adult sites then connect you to all the related banner and pop-up advertising. Hijackers are also difficult to remove.

Key Loggers
Because a key logger records anything you type on your computer keyboard, they are probably the worst type of malware you can encounter online. The collected data is either stored on your computer for later retrieval or secretly piggybacked onto e-mail messages you send out. Think about all the information you type onto your computer from personal information in e-mail messages to financial information such as online banking passwords and credit card numbers. Key loggers can even hack into your webcam. Fortunately, you can download qualified spyware removal programs to help remove these threats from your computer.

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