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Spyware Removal - The best way to remove spyware from your machine is to run an application that identifies and removes it for you. The good news is that there are several FREE applications available for scanning your computer, finding the malicious programs, and exterminating them from your hard drive. The bad news is that you need to install and run all three of these applications to be sure you remove all offending files and spyware.

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Be Warned! There are many applications out there that claim to remove spyware, but they are actually part of the problem and are spyware themselves! All of the applications listed and reviewed below are true spyware removal applications, and you can trust them. Not only have we run and tested these apps ourselves, they are well known for being reliable and thorough in eradication of unwanted spyware.

ApplicationCostFromFile SizeDownload *
SpybotFreePepiMK Software4.2 mbSite1 Site2
AdawareFreeLavasoft1.7 mbSite1 Site2
Hijack ThisFreeMerijn149 kSite1 Site2

Each of these apps removes spyware, but you should run all 3 to make sure you remove everything. One app may miss something, but another will (should) catch it. Use them together for your free spyware removal solution.

NOTE: All of these programs run on any of the Windows operating systems (such as 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP)

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